Create a good website quickly? Then you are at the right place at WordPress. WordPress has been praised for several years for its user-friendliness and beautiful design. Where these features often do not go hand in hand, this is the case with WordPress. Through the open-source environment, the software is constantly being upgraded and continues to be progressive. With the latest themes and plugins you can never fall behind.

Is WordPress something for me?

When you have chosen a hosting provider with WordPress in the hosting package (recommended), you can start setting up your website. Although WordPress is very user-friendly, you will certainly have to look at the beginning and have difficulty starting. Do not let this put you off. The software can be understood even for the most a-technical person. If at first you can not figure it out, there are enough tutorials on youtube to help you on your way.
However, it depends on your willingness and experience how many of the possibilities of WordPress you actually use. There is a huge amount of options, so that the software remains interesting for the professional website maker.
Why WordPress?
Besides the user-friendliness and the extensive possibilities that WordPress offers, there are a lot of other points that make the use of this software inevitable when creating a website:

  1. Free: There are no license fees associated with the software, so free of charge.
  2. Safe: Because of the enormous amount of people who work and work on the software, the software is extremely suitable for setting up a secure website.
  3. SEO optimized website: The software allows you to easily create a fully optimized website.

What is a good WordPress theme?

When creating a website via WordPress it is important to choose a good theme. This is because a theme determines to what extent you can adapt your website to your own preferences. When choosing a good theme you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Responsive: This means that your theme adapts to different display formats. This is necessary with all different devices nowadays. So pay attention to this!
  2. Documentation: Is there explanation about the theme? If you can not figure out something, it is useful to fall back on someone who fully knows the theme.
  3. Free / costs: There are both free and themes for which you have to pay. So pay attention to this.
  4. Rating: Check how often the theme has been downloaded and how it is assessed. This often gives a good indication of the user-friendliness of the WordPress theme.